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University/College Selection

We understand that you may feel at a loss on which college to pick from the thousands available overseas. With our wealth of experience in guiding students, we will provide information that will help you to make an informed choice.

Our International Student Advisor will help you to match your preferred course to the right university. We guide you in applying only to the best accredited institutions where the quality of your education will be guaranteed. With over 200 programmes to choose from, you are sure to find one to suit your aspirations.

You will also receive information on the country you wish to study in to help you anticipate the kind of socio-cultural environment you will encounter.
Application procedure and Visa guidance

Due to the high entrance requirements of other universities in overseas, many students are left out despite achieving good grades. We can help you to find admission in universities overseas where entrance requirements do not lock out otherwise bright students.
For students who can meet the cost of their education abroad, we offer assistance in securing admission in a university of your choice.
A prospective student often finds himself encumbered by numerous forms to fill and documents to process. The task can be quite daunting and needs accuracy. Come talk to us at Further Studies Consultants. We apply for you to get your admission letter (I-20) and offer visa guidance to help you avoid the pitfalls and to ensure your application is successful. Click here to fill VISA application forms.

At Further Studies Consultants, we realised that many Malaysian students experience difficulties accessing grants to finance their studies. The cost of overseas higher education is almost RM 70,000 a year. We therefore strive to make higher education more affordable to deserving students through our supporting scholarship program from any institution in Malaysia.
We disburse scholarships/loan offered by institutions in the UK, United States of America, Australia, Japan, Russia, Canada and others. These may be full scholarships or partial scholarships, but we make every effort to ensure that clients receive full scholarships.
Kindly note: the scholarships awarded are merit based.
Prospective students can access scholarships under two programmes, the Undergraduate Program for those who have completed O Levels or A Levels, and the Postgraduate program for those who have completed their first degree. Click here to fill the scholarship application forms.

Further Studies Consultancy Centre tuitions for TOEFL/GMAT/GRE/SAT and IELTS and administers examinations from the external examiners for these tests. For those who wish to study in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Russia, it is a requirement that you sit for either TOEFL/GMAT/SAT or IELTS external exams.
At the centre we assist the students in exam registration and coaching, as these exams increase your chances of being issued with a student Visa at the respective embassies.


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